In considering us to publish your work, below are some important points to bear in mind before going through the editing process with the Canadian Centre for Strategic Studies‘ (CCSS) various publications. We print and distribute, on varying editorial schedules, three publications: 1) Insights Blog, 2) Anthologies Series, and 3) the Canadian Journal of Strategic Studies (CJSS).

Core Requirements

Although not obligatory, it is strongly recommended that if you publish with the CCSS, to follow the Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition. To be considered for review, all submitted documents must conform with the following criteria:

  • Times New Roman, 12 point font, single spaced;
  • Footnote citation style, consistently formated;
  • 1-inch margins;
  • Include an abstract; and
  • Include a 50-200 word author biography.
Publication Rights and Copyright

As a potential contributor, please be advised that the CCSS holds the exclusive rights to your manuscript upon submission which are only lifted through rejection of your contribution. We trust that you will not submit your article to other journals concurrently as this leads to the potential for disagreement when two (or more) journals claim the right to publish a manuscript that has been submitted simultaneously to more than one journal, and even unknowingly and unnecessarily undertake the work of peer review, edit the same manuscript, and publish the same article.

Publication-Specific Requirements