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The Canadian Centre for Strategic Studies (CCSS) is an open access think tank dedicated primarily to the publication of writings and similar works by degree-seeking students (PhD, Masters, brilliant undergraduates), recent post-graduates, independent (non-academic) researchers, and early career researchers. The principal aim of the CCSS is to ‘make room’ for a wide diversity of approaches and emerging voices to engage in ongoing conversations in and around the field of strategic studies. The CCSS encourages the energies and enthusiasms, the fresh perspectives and provocations that younger scholars bring to bear on our field of study.

Prior to submitting your manuscript using the form below, kindly review the Author Guidelines to see if your article fits within the scope of one our publications, and to ensure that it complies with our formatting requirements and length criteria. The CCSS publishes the Canadian Journal of Strategic Studies, the Anthologies, and the Insights blog.


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The Canadian Centre for Strategic Studies is an open access journal and, with proper attribution, articles are free to use for educational, commercial, or non-commercial purposes. If published, your work will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License; this means that you retain the copyright for your article but grant the Canadian Centre for Strategic Studies first publication rights. For more information on the license, please visit this summary by the Creative Commons.

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