Signs of Stability: Trump’s Treatment of China in 2017

Touraj Riazi Analysis

Trump began concluding the first year of his presidency with a watershed trip to Asia where the future of Sino-American relations was amongst the most significant subjects under discussion. Touraj Riazi examines the future of this relationship.

Venezuela: Beyond the Russian Debt Deal

Nora Molina-Salazar Analysis

  In headlines reminiscent of the 1960s Red Scare, Russian intervention in Latin American affairs is once again the center of major controversy. Last Wednesday, Caracas announced accepting a $3.15bn …

Broken Confidence: Catalonian Independence

Alexandre Chapnick Analysis

While the current situation in Catalonia appears to be a nascent development in independence movements, the fight for a completely autonomous and sovereign Catalonia is an amalgamation of decades of history.

La Défense selon Macron

Pascal Dubois Analysis

Les premiers mois du mandat du président Français furent indéniablement agités, les mauvais coups s’enchaînant les uns après les autres et la presse nationale répétant ses propos parfois malheureux. Le …