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Volume II: Nuclear Strategy

Anthology II: Nuclear Strategy is the second issue of the Canadian Centre for Strategic Studies’ Anthologies series, an occasional academic publication. The objective of the Anthologies series is to collect and publish the best articles submitted to the CCSS, grouped into specific themes. In this edition, readers will find:

  • Michelle Gamage's America's Foreign Policy on Domestic Threats;
  • Pascal Dubois's The Effectiveness of Treaties: The Case of Iran;
  • Zhou Xi Wang's The Development of Nuclear Weapons Program Decision-Making;
  • Erik Nolan's Political Cohesion and Nuclear Strategy; and
  • Victoria Jepson's Space Oddity or New Normal: The Collective Security Agreement in Space.

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Us vs. Them by Ian Bremmer

"It would seem that the liberal world order is in crisis as elections across the globe are being swarmed by populist uprisings and nationalist rhetoric. With sweeping anti-immigration sentiment and calls to close borders, we find ourselves in a time and place where confidence in the future has reached new lows and walls are being built to new heights."

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